1. When did I become my Mom
    October 22, 2010 @ 10:34 am

    Is there an "applaud" button? This was a totally enjoyable post, very informative and entertaining as a whole. But I want to applaud point #6 in your assessment.

    When are we going to pay attention what content is just totally inappropriate for our kids to be exposed to in a public setting? When did lewdness become the defining characteristic of our music and our culture (or at least what some would have you believe)?

    Nicole @ http://trinidad.macaronikid.com

  2. Q
    October 20, 2010 @ 9:54 pm

    doh study length mandy. appreciated every word.

    pepper roti is de best!!! ah love dat.

    about the restaurants being included. this is how i see it:
    i don't mind, but maybe as wagonist said, it should be longer. then yuh do a weekend with restaurants. i agree that trinbago has a mix of all sorts of cuisine, but that isn't unlike a lot of places in the world. in my opinion, a taste t&t show should feature our local delights first. that's the difference between having a taste t&t and a generic food fair. and i quite like the essence of this new approach.

    a little more planning and attention to creating a real experience i think will make a real nice event.

    we went to the tobago blue food festival last weekend (pics and video coming) and i was impressed with the experience it offered. it was all dasheen. as in dasheen anything you can think of. no deviation. in other words, if yuh doh like blue food, daz not the place to be. and there were more people there than i saw in any one of the taste t&t events. mind you, the blue food festival has been running for about 10 years now. so i guess they have it down.

  3. Mandy V
    October 20, 2010 @ 5:43 pm

    oh dear, look at length :s

  4. Mandy V
    October 20, 2010 @ 5:42 pm

    My bougeois sect (hahaha) actually prefers the Taste TNT layout of the past. Basically because T&T offerings are not limited only to "cultural" cuisine, (as the Benihana's and the Angelo's and Zanzibar's would demonstrate) and it would be equally important to showcase that, because as much as we love to stand by the doubles vendor and buy a corn soup in St.James, the restaurant ambience and menu would also appeal to tourists and locals alike. We can also note that Woodford cafe, also showcases local offerings, pelau, crab and dumpling, cowheel soup etc. So I don't believe that they (restaurants) should be left out of the experience, but instead be somehow incorporated. That being said, I only actually attended the Penal/Debe/Barrackpore Doubles competition. Why? Because I found it to be poorly advertised. I only knew about Toco / Fishbroth through you guys, I saw Tunapuna fleetingly in a newspaper and after nothing. I was confused because it was being touted as “Taste TNT” however it wasnt the same event I looked forward to all year. This seemed community driven and based, which would probably mean a 50/50 chance of successful execution. So I called TIDCO and they explained why and such and I made a concerted effort to go to Debe (because this is what I was told) to experience this. To be honest, I didn’t expect many people because I believed the less adventurous from outside of the area would not travel so far. But I can understand the reason for the attempt and I appreciate it. So based on Penal/Debe/Barrackpore alone :
    1) I expected more Local Business booths and give aways. I saw NEDCO, I saw a girl doing Mahindi (doh ask meh why) and that was it. What about the man who selling the frozen cassava and sweet potato fries, the pastelle maker, or the person bottling they pepper sauce and seasonings, The punch man, Fruit Juice fella by the savannah, Some honey, the coconut oil man that was on Road less Travelled. Mabel’s, SWISS, Twist. If we showcasing community items, then let’s do so. The competition was the highlight, but its not a “taste doubles” event, especially if we cant sample the competition doubles.
    2) I fully agree with Q re: the sampling. Each one of those paying stalls (including those persons participating in the competition) should have had a sample tray, because let’s face it, people there for they stomach.
    3) I expected more experimentation in the food stalls: I loved the pepper roti, Mattar Paneer and the other type of paneer (stewed) and there was stew saheena (Saheena fried and then stewed down with a tomato something. Yes!
    4) Layout. They could have done so much more with regard to seating, (I agree do away with the pesky VIP area), the facilities available to the stall owners (The space was too small for some)and oh gosh and for a place with food, the bathroom facilities were seriously under par. But I understand, you work with what you have. But Location! Location! Location.. Because I’m sure some interested parties, just could not make the trek.
    Right so overall.. it was “aight”. The food that I sampled (some at considerably higher prices, makes me wonder how much they pay for the stall) but it tasted good. Not enough to keep me entertained for more than 2 hours. Maybe next year we could have a day in POS, dedicated to our restaurants, or incorporate them in someway in the new format, so those of us that are so inclined, can purchase our $400 tickets from A B C D group and let our inner Kandaff.. well yuh know nah.

  5. Randy
    October 20, 2010 @ 9:31 am

    Steuuups…I real friggin hungry now.

  6. bandwagonist
    October 19, 2010 @ 3:37 am

    nice review and epectations for the next time around…

    i thought there was a People's Choice in Penal… i heard 4 people were randomly chosen and made the decision… maybe the judges were randomly chosen…

    agreed about the 'entertainment' as well i was sick to my stomach and it was from the curry…

    i too wondered why there was bbq chicken for sale at the doubles comp but summed it up to the fact that not everyone would like t have curry… and we still want ppl to attend these things to sell ourselves to ourselves…

    this incarnation was too short… 3 Sundays alone… geez an ages… i think they should just traverse T&T for the whole year… do one a month…

    until next year…

  7. the kicker
    October 19, 2010 @ 1:39 am

    yeah it was a good showing… from what I understand, this format was much better than the taste tnts of the past but I still think they could have put a little more thought into the itinerary for the event to make it a little more interesting.

    I don't think every event in T&T needs to be a cultural showcase… they could have stuck to the idea and make the entire event about the food with a sprinkling of entertainment.

    All in all it was a job well done by the TDC and all those involved. Can't wait for next year.

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